Italian singer, actress and TV personality Cristina D’Avena was born 60 years ago in Bologna in the region of Emilia-Romagna and is in a relationship.

Cristina started singing when she was just 3 years old, when she participated in the famous ‘Zecchino D’Oro’ with the song ‘Il Walzer del Moscerino’.  This popular event is an international singing contest for kids held every year and has been up and running since 1959.  After this, Cristina was chosen to form part of the esteemed choir of the Antoniano Institute.

Cristina is best known for singing cartoons’ themes and has in fact recorded over 700 singles.  Some of these cartoons include ‘Candy, Candy’, ‘The Smurfs’, ‘Memole dolce Memole’, ‘Sailor Moon’, ‘Georgie’ and many many more.  These songs were put together in numerous albums and are very successful.

Apart from cartoons, Cristina sang in several TV programmes, particularly childrens’, as well as hosted and acted in some of them.  These include ‘Kiss Me Licia’, ‘Arriva Cristina’, ‘Bim Bum Bam’ and ‘Zecchino D’Oro’, amongst others.  She also performed in important music events like the San Remo Festival, Festivalbar and the Zecchino D’Oro as well as voiced characters of animated movies.

Cristina invented fairy tales and other stories and gathered them on tapes and CDs, as well as produced an album called ‘Duets’, featuring songs with other popular Italian artists.  She also wrote two books for kids.

Her numerous albums sold around 7 million copies.  On celebrating her 40-year career, Cristina was awarded with a Telegatto.


*Image: no infringement intended.  Source: tvzap.it


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