Italian singer, lyricist and actress Donatella Rettore was born 69 years ago in Castelfranco Veneto and is married.

At just 10 years old, Donatella formed her first band ‘I Cobra’ and together they sang Caterina Caselli’s songs in parishes.  In later years, she graduated from the commercial technical institute but since her ambition was to become a singer, Rettore moved to Rome to pursue a singing career.  In 1973, she accompanied singer Lucio Dalla during his summer tour and he launched her in the music industry.

That same year in October, Donatella released her debut single, followed by a second one 2 months later.  The following year, she participated for the first time in the yearly San Remo Music Festival with the track ‘Capelli Sciolti’, however, was practically unnoticed.  Later on that year, she met her future husband who was a musician, in a club.

Success finally arrived when in 1976, Rettore released a 45rpm named ‘Lailola`’ which was a big hit in numerous European countries.  The year after, she competed once again in the SRMF as well as released her second album, which however, did not meet the expected success.  1978 was a turning point for the singer, as she changed her look and also the music genre.  As a matter of fact, her third album issued the following year which featured the song ‘Splendido Splendente’ was commercially successful both in her native Italy and other European countries.

The beginning of 80s was bright for Donatella since she had another smash hit ‘Kobra’ with which she arrived in second place in the summer music event Festivalbar.  Even better, the following year, she triumphed in the Festivalbar again with the track ‘Donatella’.  She proceeded with her successful career and issued her 6th album which contained the song ‘Lamette’, as well as starring in an Italian movie.

In the last 4 decades, Rettore released numerous albums, compilations and singles.  She wrote songs for other artists like Loretta Goggi, Iva Zanicchi and Tiziana Rivale, as well as sang in duet with them.  Donatella also hosted and guest appeared in several TV programmes, particularly music talent shows, as well as published a book.

During her +50-year career, Donatella received numerous awards including 3 Lifetime Achievement, a Golden Lion and a European Personality.


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