American singer-songwriter and actress Angela Trimble was born 79 years ago in Miami, Florida and is single.  She is best known as the lead singer of the band ‘Blondie’.

When she was just 3 months old, Angela was adopted and given the name of Deborah Ann Harry.  After graduating in Arts, she travelled to New York and worked various jobs.

Deborah’s music career commenced in the late 60s, when she joined several groups.  She formed the band ‘Angel and the Snake’ which later changed to ‘Blondie’.

In 1976, their first album was released, followed by a second one, but it was their third album which made them famous internationally.  It in fact included the worldwide number one hit ‘Heart of Glass’.  A string of successful hits followed in the 80s: ‘Call Me’, ‘Atomic’, ‘The Tide is High’ and ‘Rapture’.

Deborah took a one-year break from the band and went on to release her first solo album which was of moderate success.  She joined ‘Blondie’ again and their 6th album was issued, which however, was not as popular as the previous ones.  To make things worse, one of the group members, who was also Deborah’s boyfriend, was very ill and caused the band to break up.

In 1982, Deborah starred in her first movie and to date has acted in about 50 films.  She also appeared in several TV shows and series.

‘Blondie’ reunited after 15 years, and in 1999 had another global number one hit ‘Maria’.  After that, the band released 12 more albums, as well as extended plays and box sets and sold about 40 million copies worldwide.

As for Deborah, she had 10 albums and 24 singles and she also collaborated with various other artists, both as backing and lead vocalist.

Harry is also an active philanthropist and helps charities concerning cancer and endometriosis.


*Image: no infringement intended.  Source: leonorwohlford.blogspot.com

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