American actress and model Jerry Faye Hall was born 68 years ago in Gonzales, Texas, is divorced and has 4 children with former partner Mick Jagger, lead singer of  English rock band ‘The Rolling Stones’.

As a teenager, Jerry attended high school where she learnt gymnastics, tennis and archery and was particularly very good in French which she spoke fluently.  She managed to graduate early at just 16 years old.

Hall has a twin sister and whilst on holiday in the French Riviera, they caught the attention of a French fashion agent.  Following this, she moved to Paris and began her modelling career in 1975 when she appeared as a mermaid on the album’s cover of English rock band ‘Roxy Music’.

In a span of 2 years, Jerry was the cover model of about 40 renowned magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue, earned a lot of money and became one of the most famous models worldwide.

Jerry made her big screen debut in the 1980 movie ‘Urban Cowboy’ and over the years appeared in numerous TV shows and programmes, as well as performed in several stage productions.  These include ‘Bus Stop’, ‘Cluedo’, ‘The Detectives’, ‘High Society’ and ‘Strictly come Dancing’, amongst others.

In 2004, she obtained a Guinness World Record for appearing in 6 musical shows in just one night, whilst in 2016, she received a Life Achievement Award.  She also published an autobiography.


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